Jackie Harvey

Jackie Harvey is an international speaker, radio program host, seminar leader, business trainer, and a mother of seven. She is a women's health advocate specializing in hormonal and menopausal health. Thousands of women have attended her LIVE heart-to-heart seminars.

“Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.”

Benjamin Franklin

Jackie's TOP Seminar Topics

Hormone Balance The Natural Way

In this 20-60 minute talk, Jackie answers the 5 most important questions every women needs to know about her health, explains how hormones impact it, and how to achieve & maintain balance the natural way.

Hormones and Fertility

Many fertility issues have there origins in hormonal imbalance. After helping hundreds of woman conceive & birth health babies, who struggled before, Jackie has a strong message of hope for those wanting to conceive. She delivers her message in a straight-forward and honest way.

Breast Health: The Hormone Connection

Breast cancer is a dreaded word, but it doesn't have to be. Jackie reveals how to dramatically reduce the risk of developing breast cancer, and the natural ways to improve overall breast health and health in general.

Leading by Example

Jackie has been leading for decades. In this powerful presentation, Jackie shares the key skills every leader must develop, along with the mindset necessary to  successfully build a great team.

Being a Strong Woman AND a Supporting Wife

Spend a few moments with Jackie and you will recognize that she is a strong, independent woman. But, she is also a loving and supportive wife. In this talk, Jackie lays waste to the notion that being supportive is somehow weak.

7 Kids Later, How to Raise Great Kids in Today's Culture

Raising kids in today's culture is a challenge, but then so is raising 7 kids. In this seminar, Jackie reveals her secrets for raising awesome, healthy, and successful kids. It's more than nature, it's more than nurture.

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